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DIY Search Engine Optimisation

DIY Google Search Engine Optimisation. 3 Principles, 3 Action

As smart as search engines are, they still are pretty straightforward in the way they think. They are still pathetically dependent on the exact words searcher uses to search for something. Keyword research for SEO is important for this reason and its something you can DIY You need to find out the exact words that yours if you’re a website owner, keyword research for SEO is about the most important thing you can do for this reason.

Practically speaking, SEO is all about those keywords. If you didn’t have keywords, you would have no SEO. Whatever optimization technique you use on your website basically comes down to what you can do about those keywords. They’re that important. Keywords aren’t even just one part of the process. They are practically the whole process, just do a bit of research and presto DIY seo.

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