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SEO in 2014 – What Google Won’t Say

If your website showcases products with parameter-driven webpages, and publishes articles to stay on top, it is a big problem if Google finds that you are given to publishing content that appears elsewhere on the Internet. To do SEO Google style, you have to know if Google sees duplication – and not so simple that is to do either using Google Analytics.

Well here’s an idea: head for the Content section in Google Analytics. Look for the Content by Title report, and pick out a few of your pages. Here you will see under each title, the domain-free URLs for each title tag. You need to see just one per title tag. More than one, is to be taken as a sign of duplication.

Of course, Google Analytics reports can sometimes be mistaken, or misleading. Some of these efforts of yours to curry favor with SEO Google standard (that’s a take on Gold Standard), can still come up against a wall. The problem is that sometimes all the redirecting you do can be undone automatically by Google – a kind of bug if you will. Just keep reading up, and watching Google closely.


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