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How To Improve SEO On Google

How to Get on the First Page of Google or YouTube

To look at the name of the Google PageRank algorithm that helps you see where your website stands in relation to other websites on the Internet how your website ranks in relation to other websites on the Internet, you would think that they called it that this they showed how your web page ranked against other people’s pages. Oddly enough though page rank is named after Larry page, Google’s cofounder. When website owners constantly check Google page rank for their with websites, is that really important thing for them to do?

When you check Google page rank for your website in Google, you typically get a resolve that rates your website a in scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being the best. The question is, does it really matter what your page rank is? If it’s really close to 10, does it mean that your SCO efforts have really paid off?

The page rank algorithm tries to rank how important the website is, based on how many other websites on the Internet link to it. The algorithm was designed to help make Google search engine results make more sense by taking into account how many admirers the website head and other website owners.

But there is more to the page rank algorithm and then nearly an audit of all the links there are pointing to a website. Links coming in from just any website don’t matter. Since Google looks upon these links as votes of confidence in a website, it also wants to know how important those websites are.

So basically, the oldest just care about how many links you have coming in, but also wants to know if those are quality links. The website says has lots of links coming in is considered a quality website. Get a link from such website to your own website, and your page rank improves.

But it isn’t just inbound links that matter. Outbound links matter to your page rank, as well. If a website has the not in the way you would expect. If a website has 10 inbound links and it has 5 outbound links, those inbound links get distributed equally by all the out bound links. In other words, if your website gets links from such a website, those links may not be worth that much. Basically, if you want to get a link from a website, you want to find out how many outbound links that website has.

But placing links to other websites on your own website doesn’t do anything bad for you.

Page rank for your website? Well, you could install Google toolbar on your web browser and make sure that the page rank button is visible. You just put your mouse over it, and you get the number – the closer to 10 the better.


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